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If you find time in your busy day, please make a quick list of your five favorite IAD2s and list them as a comment on this message. I'll start printing a few of them soon, so lists may be of use in order to judge popularity.

Any other comments regarding IAD2 are also welcome, but I will not answer any questions about underpants.

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I hope this is a worthy final edition of Illustration a Day 2:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to pay attention. Special thanks to my wife, Adriana, for putting up with this for a second month and to Alex for commenting on every single drawing.

All art created in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

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John woke up to the sound of music, which confused him. He had gone to sleep listening to a CD, hadn’t he? Maybe when he was fumbling around for the power button in the night, he hit radio instead, but if that were the case, why would he have the radio tuned to a station playing crappy hard rock? Clearly this situation merited being looked into, preferably with his eyes open.

John rolled over and looked at his alarm clock. It was 9:12, which didn’t distress him because it was Saturday and he was allowed to sleep in on Saturdays. Next he looked at his bedside boombox, which he had succeeded in turning off the night before, so where was the music coming from? And furthermore, why did it have to be so terrible?

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A little bit of a texture experiment here. Mmm... choco-buildings:

Two menacing creature days in a row. Apologies for repetition of theme.

AI CS3 (as if I need to even mention it).

One more to go.

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Farmers of finer flower receptacles, beware:

Illustration a Day delivers more satisfaction.

AI CS3 helps.

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All vector drawing, no photo or filter nonsense:

AI CS3 and its sidekick Wacom tablet input device.

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Another win for team IAD? Perhaps:

AI CS3 (including textures & shadows)

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Two victories in a row and it's my birthday. Who's happy? This guy.

If I can bring the rest of IAD home at this quality level, I'd be mighty pleased.

AI CS3, again and again...

...and again x22.

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Another Illustration a Day and another Illustration Friday Submission. The theme of this one is "Multiple."

This is the best I've felt about an IAD in almost a week. I credit time for this victory.

Born in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

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Possibly a last minute save. Very tired. Will sleep now.

IAD=Illustration a Day
AI CS3=Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite 3 (I draw with this and a small arsenal of Wacom tablet input device things.)

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Editor's Note: Earlier this week, Unloosen contributor Craig J. Clark approached fellow writer Joe Blevins about the possibility of collaborating on a story, round robin-style, for the site. Blevins readily agreed and they immediately set to work. Here are the fruits of their joint creation:

(How's this for an opening paragraph:)

Steve held his breath. This was not his first time doing so. Periodically, ever since he was a kid, he would try holding it until he passed out, but his body always rebelled against him and forced him to breathe in. Someday, he vowed, his will would prevail. Someday...

Time passed. Ten seconds. Twenty seconds. Half a minute, and still no ill effects or signs of fatigue! How much longer could he go, Steve wondered? Could this be a new world's record? He tried to think of Shelley Winters in The Poseidon Adventure. This got him to thinking about that Poseidon remake which he'd meant to see but never did. It must be on DVD by now, maybe even basic cable. He wondered who played the Shelley Winters role in the remake. Kurt Russell? That seemed unlikely.

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Stylistically, I cannot sit still.


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In what might be the second of my sidewalks series, I present to the readers and accidental visitors of this site a picture I took perhaps only one or two weeks ago. It was an auspicious find for Chinese New Year, and the full meaning of it hasn't yet been made clear to me. Perhaps I am posting here in the hope that others might see what this is and thus help me to achieve a higher understanding.

What I do know know is that this object was there and, in being there, it wielded a kind of power over many, if not most, who passed near it. Perhaps if I held one or more advanced degrees in the more useful of the arts and sciences, I might know why it held such power -- power disproportionate to its size. For, truly, it did seem to radiate, right there on the sidewalk, a weight not unlike that of one or more of the taller skyscrapers which we locals secretly desire strange unions and associations with.

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Nothing gentle here.

Can't say this is my absolute favorite, but like other IADs past, it will have its fans. These things just pop out my head. I can't help it.


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Ten more after this one:


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Illustration a Day 2 continues with this, another Illustration Friday entry. The subject of this week's IF was theory. I decided to ignore the obvious takes on the idea of theory and go for a bit more abstract slant on the topic. It may come out a little more mythological than scientific, but I'm happy with the result. This one's definitely best appreciated in it's embiggened form (click to see the biggun'):

Created once again in Adobe Illustrator CS3.

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In case you care to know, the CAPTCHA seems to be working quite well. Spam has dropped off to zero, the plugin deflecting the buttholes and butthole computers that do their bidding. As a result, I've turned the comments on again. There are still a few bugs to work out -- preview seems to have issues with the reCAPTCHA plugin and I'd like to code things in such a way that CAPTCHA is not necessary for those with Typekey logins. When I get a few free moments (most likely in March), I'll attack this and other issues.

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I do not enjoy eating green soup.

For the past two nights, I've been away from home. This has forced me to draw using my laptop. Can you remember me mentioning my feelings about green soup? I feel the same way about drawing using my laptop. It's just not made for IAD. I need my giant LCD.

This Illustration a Day created with the support of: Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite 3.

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Wow. I've entered a whole new world of tired.

Medium: AI CS3

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In order to help promote Unloosen, I've integrated the popular "digg" system into Unloosen. In case you're not aware of how this works, I'll give it a try. You click the "digg" button and the Unloosen post in question is either sent to digg.com for further "digging" or is promoted based on the fact that people seem to like it. More diggs = more higher ranking, blah, blah, blah. I think you get the point. So digg away!

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Stream of consciousness drawing evolves into a fully-formed IAD:

Just over half way -- have to break through this brick wall.

AI CS3!!!

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“Cold enough for you?”

Those were the words he was greeted with as he walked in the door. They were spoken by one of the girls in the office, but he couldn’t have told you what her name was to save his life. She was short and wore glasses, so he always called her Shortsighted. As he removed his heavy winter coat and gloves and hung them on the rack, he pondered her question. Was it cold enough for him?

Well, he had awoken to a blanket of white covering the ground and his car in an inch of snow. And furthermore, underneath the snow was a thin layer of ice that he had to attack fairly vigorously with a scraper and had threatened to creep back over his windshield during the drive into work. Was that cold enough for him?

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Happy Saint Valentine's Day:

Because* everyone loves the accordion, right?

Who cares. I love the accordion.

All done in Adobe Illustrator CS Mark III, for those who wonder.

* A hearty finger to any grammarian who dares preach to me the whole "don't start a sentence with 'because' crap."

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Illustration a Day gnaws into my head and poos another victory:

I almost collaged this one. I drew a couple quick sketches and contemplated using a mix of Illustrator, Photoshop, and pencil and paper, but I couldn't find my Dixon Ticonderoga, so I decided to go fully AI CS3 yet again. It's hard to trust a drawing that is birthed from the tip of a Sanford product of any caliber.

By the way, did you know Dixon Ticonderogas are no longer made in the good ol' USA? Mexico. Weird.

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After two days of no attacks, comments were hit by yet another spambot today, so I've decided to implement CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA, for those of you who don't know, is a verification system that requires a user to read a contorted word or two and type them to prove they're a human, not a spambot. I chose to use reCAPTCHA for our site due to its readability and the fact that it's got an alternate audio function for those who have difficulty reading the text.

As a result of this addition, I'll more than likely be reactivating comments on older posts when I have a little extra time.

Please test the system by leaving a comment and let me know if there are any issues. Thanks.

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Wish I had a little more time to work on this one:

Medium: AI CS3

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I thought about giving her the goggles the guy in the last one had, but as a bikini top:

I've heard people use the term "more is more" without any irony. People of this sort are not generally categorized as "intelligent."


AI CS3, blah, blah, blah (I need sleep).

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Much to my dismay, I've been forced to turn off comments on older posts. Anything within a half-year range is still active, but any posts older than that are now static. This doesn't mean old comments have been deleted. All of our insane ramblings are still present.

The reason? SPAM commenting has become a much more serious problem of late, with spammers sometimes dropping 1,000 or more comments within a 24 hour period. Most of these are caught by filters, but some of them, the random-letter strings that have been showing up lately, hit the front page and that's not good. Today, I even woke up to an angry message from a spammer. He was upset because I blocked his IP addresses (yes, more than one)!

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience brought upon legitimate users as a result of this decision. If the problem gets worse, I'm going to return to a registered-user-only system.

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There's something about those goggles -- something menacing and borderline mad.

Again, drawn using AI CS3.

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I'm back:

The ninth installment in this month's Illustration a Day and my first submission to Illustration Friday.

Forged in AI CS3.

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It's very difficult to draw a potato in a manner that does not make said tuber look like a poo.

Still warming up.

Aided and abetted by: AI CS3

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It was while he was unpacking his paperbacks that Richard realized that he owned the Fotonovel for the 1979 George Hamilton-Susan St. James film Love at First Bite. He was unsure how this had escaped his attention while he was packing his books in the first place, but there it was in his hands, an incontrovertible fact.

He wondered how it had come into his possession. Sure, when he was a kid he had always enjoyed the movie when it came on TV, but how had that translated to him acquiring a book based on it? He consoled himself with the notion that it couldn’t have cost more than a couple bucks.

Setting the book aside while he continued his unpacking, Richard resolved to try to sell it to a used bookstore. At best, he hoped to get some store credit. At worst, he would just dispose of it. One less Love at First Bite Fotonovel in the world would not be a tragedy.

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Falling... asleep.

Smithed in AI CS3

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"8"... incredibly lucky?

No song lyrics in this title, intentionally, at least. If "Primetime" is the part of any modern song, it's probably a new country AKA "hot" country track by some dude with a "y" at the end of more than one of his names.

AI CS3, as usual.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, hot girl. There, that quip is out of the way.

For the third day in a row, I've named an Illustration a Day after a song lyric. The last two were a by a fairly obscure 90s act, this one's an iconic late 70s/early 80s English outfit. Bonus points if you're not Ed.

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A slight departure:

Old man!

Medium: AI CS3

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I need to sleep, so I'm stopping this one although I think more time could make it better:

As I was drawing this one, I realized that river/stream themes have appeared twice in a row. Sorry.

Birthed via AI CS3.

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And then there were two.

I spent a whole chunk of time creating nutrition labels to slap on the sides of the cartons only to see them squashed and distorted to the point of illegibility. Oh well.

Born of my brain and AI CS3.

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Here comes the flood:

Let's ride this leap-year February on an IAD wave. Let your friends and your computers know: Illustration a Day has returned.

Created in Adobe Illustrator CS3, as usual.

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