IAD2 8: Potato by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

It's very difficult to draw a potato in a manner that does not make said tuber look like a poo.

Still warming up.

Aided and abetted by: AI CS3


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I like the door in the floor and the air of anticipation that the pose of the potato pilot creates.

As the 'tater hovers, I can't help but think that he'll be at a distinct advantage when he races against the Light Cycles.

I wonder... perhaps if the Bible had more scenes like this in it, we could fill the churches back up with teenagers, accountants, molecular biologists, and Europeans.

The Sweet Cuppin' Cakes horizon is being put through its paces. Tribute?

...or Homage?

Possibly something from my subconscious bubbling to the surface, but definitely not anything intentional. Perhaps "Eh! Steve!" is secretly plotting to destroy me.

I like the monster made entirely of hair from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons cameo.

Wow. That's depressing. Seems as if the only original thought I had here was the floating potato.


The funked-out R&B sensibility of this piece made me think of Cameo, too. You just know that "Word Up!" is playing as the monstery-looking dude goes all slo-mo into his Float-Tatoe.

"Word up, it’s the code word,

No matter where you say it,

You’ll know that you’ll be heard."

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