IAD2 1: Buttons by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Here comes the flood:

Let's ride this leap-year February on an IAD wave. Let your friends and your computers know: Illustration a Day has returned.

Created in Adobe Illustrator CS3, as usual.


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"Have you ever noticed you always turn the wrong way when you get on the lift? Could you kindly mash 6 for me?"

His fingers look fast, though perhaps a bit errant. It the next image going to show what the button activates when pressed? Like a concept album, but for images a day?

Grim Varloplap thinks he can keep the entire annoying barbershop quartet mired in the black gold of his homeland. Does the Fell Beast Of Al Snackbar not realise that a distant swimming straw boater means Backup Singer Mel Tuesday is so very nearly on the scene, ready and willing to give what-for in the defense of his friends and the irresistible Sweet Adeline?

A worthy start to a new-time revival of that fine IAD style.

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