IAD2 2: Milk. Milk? by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

And then there were two.

I spent a whole chunk of time creating nutrition labels to slap on the sides of the cartons only to see them squashed and distorted to the point of illegibility. Oh well.

Born of my brain and AI CS3.


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The cartons look very 3-D in this and the one deer's expression comes across as suitably concerned.

It's really astonishing, how many brands of hemoglobin there are now.

This one rocks. The red color pops and the strangeness is my goblet of blood. Only critique is that the drinking deer is a bit lost in the river; a little shading/fur-hue would sharpen it up.

Where is the IAD of a gay vampire picking up dudes at Toronto Maple Leafs' hockey games? This guy I know swears that it happens every time he goes to one.

Weaver: I actually wanted the small deer to sort of blend in with the river of milk. I drew a very faint line around the head to separate it slightly. These are milk deer, after all.

Also, I've heard that about Leafs' games. It's strange, though, because Toronto's only got one gay vampire and supposedly he bears a striking resemblance to Mark McKinney.

Maybe if the Milk Deer on the left were wearing a cape and teensy knickers, it would solve both problems...

Nestle's Quik strawberry flavor--When you drink it all the way to the bottom, there's two pieces of candy in the bottom! That's ludicrous!

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