IAD2 14: The Heart

By Chris Leavens

Happy Saint Valentine's Day:

Because* everyone loves the accordion, right?

Who cares. I love the accordion.

All done in Adobe Illustrator CS Mark III, for those who wonder.

* A hearty finger to any grammarian who dares preach to me the whole "don't start a sentence with 'because' crap."


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I like this one. It is warm and steamy. The detailing on the accordion is very tops. I am, indeed, partial to the squeezebox as my semi-recently deceased Grandmother used to play one. The very word "accordion" often makes me think of Paul Simon's The Boy In The Bubble:

"It was a slow day,

And the sun was beating

On the soldiers by the side of the road,

There was a bright light,

A shattering of shop windows

The bomb in the baby carriage

Was wired to the radio..."

I showed this one to the COO of MoMA and he liked it. He asked what kind of genes our family came from. An acid washed pegged legged taper, of course.

The heart of rock 'n' roll is the accordion. I think Huey Lewis said that.

I'm pretty sure he said that "the heart of Rock 'n Roll is in Cleveland."

I know that from what I've seen, I believe it.

I like it a lot...What?

Well, if one of the multiple hearts of Rock and Roll is Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock," then yes, Johnny Grande was there in the Comets as piano and accordion player.

Nice one. I'd totally wear a shirt of this.

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