IAD2 5: She's Dressed for the H-Bomb by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Yeah, yeah, yeah, hot girl. There, that quip is out of the way.

For the third day in a row, I've named an Illustration a Day after a song lyric. The last two were a by a fairly obscure 90s act, this one's an iconic late 70s/early 80s English outfit. Bonus points if you're not Ed.


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"Well, there's a hole in there somewhere.

Yeah, there's a hole in there somewhere.

Baby, there's a hole in there somewhere.

Now there's a hole in there somewhere."

-- Genesis. "Abacab."


I lava this one, Chris.

David: Correct, but you shouldn't be allowed to play either. I'm just saying is all.

I believe Science Fair Volcano protects you against Giant Red Apostrophes, but not Giant Red Commas. You can easily tell them apart by their distinctive cries, but the volcano pretty much drowns out any outside sound. That's the irony of this picture, and like many ironies, it is delicious.

Wait, has someone commenced a w00t-off?

I thought that was a giant zit. A giant zit that menstruates in 3-D.

It could also be a chick with point orange hair slipping into a couture dress in front of a tightly packed group of tan klansmen.

In any event, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins or Mike and the Mechanics have no business being involved. In anything.

For the first time ever, I'm glad not to be Ed, since I get bonus points, and all.

Weaver: I am a walking bonus.

Chris: I remember very few lyrics past the first few bars of songs. Pavement and various rap songs are among the few exceptions. The rest, my brain digests and uses as building blocks for other thoughts. I kind of wonder how many songs I own that I've only heard once.

All: While on the subject of music, just buy the Vampire Weekend album without asking questions. Unless you can't find it in the store; then you can ask a question. You will like it if you like Gange of Foure, or Ted Leo, or Nigerian polyrhythmic foulke musick, or Ron Paul, or if you think the Lakers are now the favourites in the west. If none of these apply to you, you should still give this album a try.

I think I might bring my own 2007 album reviews to a post in the future. This seems a fine time to publicly unveil my subjective alphabetic rating system (aka SARS), which Chris may remember, and which is applicable to any type of list or review. The most crucial and innoventive feature of SARS is that it eliminates merit entirely from the process. More to come.

More reviews and such would probably be cool, especially as they would provide more text to space out my increasingly uneven image posts.

Genesis is involved in everything -- look toward the FRONT of your Bible. '70s prog-rock Genesis should be our new King.

I myself am not that hot on Ron Paul, except when compared to McCain, Romney, or Huckabee. McCain, especially, is on my List for having maxxed out my answering machine in only two days. If his wife's message had been about her wanting to go out with me instead of wanting me to vote for her husband, then he might have dodged The List, is all I'm sayin'...

Well... since someone mentioned it... w00ty mcw00t w00t!!



Weaver: Weren't the Tan Klansmen part of the vanguard of the old Florida "Aryan Folk" scene back in the '60s?

I think they may have been the ones who did "Don't Tampa With My Purity" and "Pride of Bithlo."

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