IAD2 7: Secrets by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Falling... asleep.

Smithed in AI CS3


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This one has a decided Brazil-like feel. Have you ever seen footage of the abandoned dream sequence of the sea of eyes from that film?

It's been about ten years since I saw Brazil, so my memories of it are a bit faded. Unfortunately, I've never seen any of the deleted scenes.

I don't know what exactly informed this one. The past few have kind of just popped into my head in nascent forms and I've taken them from there. For this one, I thought about looking up at a building and I was originally going to use eyeballs in the one with the clock, so I guess I just took a discarded idea (or eye-dea) from the day before and incorporated it into the building image.

I like this one because it makes me think of the world's most perfect boom-box. With an attitude.

Despite the blazing sun depicted, I wonder if the foreground subject spies a sausage...

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