IAD2 11: More Is More by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

I thought about giving her the goggles the guy in the last one had, but as a bikini top:

I've heard people use the term "more is more" without any irony. People of this sort are not generally categorized as "intelligent."


AI CS3, blah, blah, blah (I need sleep).


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Ooooh, me likey. This is one of the best ones of this series so far ever and all that. Any need for punctuation takes a frikkin' backseat to the need for ME to express my pure and total radiant digging of this one of your ones.

It's like somewhere on an off-Broadway theatre program from circa 1978-1983, this image would have made dozens or more gladly take their copies home with them to preserve them for maybe even a million years.

One that I've always been fond of is "too much is not enough."

Not yet sure how I would feel being on the receiving end of that phone call.

That is to say: Boo-tayy!

No one has offered up the words "booty call" yet. Either the captcha thing is being erratic with others, or this is a much classier place than I thought.

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