IAD2 29: One Last Piece

By Chris Leavens

I hope this is a worthy final edition of Illustration a Day 2:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to pay attention. Special thanks to my wife, Adriana, for putting up with this for a second month and to Alex for commenting on every single drawing.

All art created in Adobe Illustrator CS3.


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These last few have been a tour de force. I like how in this one, the under-the-blood-red-sky feel is set off by the snow/frosting/tablecloth at the top of the pinnacle, the delectable-looking ap-peach, and the jaunty stovepipe hat on the deacon there. This is what can be found at the tops of all our proverbial mountains.

Bravo Amigo!

Arriving at the conclusion of another IAD (not IUD), I have to comment on how much your illustration abilities have grown and become fine-tuned. Your use of texture and shading is particularly impressive. Dare I say we have witnessed the emergence of a style? I see a lot of the Japanese illustration you admire as well as the absurdist humor we all enjoy, but they are all definitely you. Favorites this go round (in no particular order): Hungry Again, The Scourge of Vaseland, We Deliver, Waking Up, A Big Sauce, Choose (better, though, if one was the shocker), Cutting, More is More and Milk, Milk?

I'm looking forward to IAD, Mark 3!

Recapcha today: WQXR darkness
(my favorite radio station?)

Whilst determining that IAD did not represent the abbreviation for a rather busy, hard-to-get-to airport in the Northern Virgina suburbs of our nation's capital, I realized that I'd not properly congratulated you on your nuptials. As if me saying congrats in advance when last we spoke, lo those many months ago as I embarked from civilisation into the netherworld of the Greater Pittsburgh area, was enough to satisfy Miss Manners and her ilk. Believe me when I tell you, do not visit the Regular Pittsburgh area. Definitely stick to the Greater Pittsburgh area. There are subtle but incredibly important differences. Alas, at the end of the day, Greater or no, you still find yourself in Pittsburgh. Or in this case, you find me there. Grumpy and snowy. And the illustration, while not quite living up to the Journey album cover inspired art of the Matt Leavens circa 1990 era, is still a fine and judicious use of red, and oddly Christmasy to boot. Nice job: you.

I like this one or the heat it puts out and into me, as well as for the accurate depiction of the last remaining Elfin Industries Twainbot, Mark III.

You've really done quite a job at capturing the precision of its enhanced data record mode, as well as the tenuous, yet almost ballet-like nature in which the trans-dimensional CyberLitBot clings to difficult terrain.

So, here, at the end of your Second Series, you have presented us with the most realistic portrayal so far of the moment when "Serial No. 6" clung to the sugary tip of Mount Frosty Yum-Yum, the only truly happy place in Hell, and gazed at the glowing Genesis Pod of the future Steward Of The Three Realms.

"Yea, in the absence of connexion with that wholesome and sustaining touch of Our Creator, there is, in that blasted kingdom of the damned, only the far inferior, but still inspiring, hope for a mere taste of that ironically cheerful goo from atop the ancient Yummye Mounte..." -- Wonka, 3:16, Happy Fun-Fun Candyville Bible, Revised Standard Edition


I like it because it looks like the mountain is smiling and reaching out. This is a good one. Cool color choices.

Someday soon, I'm going to hang it next to my Limited Edition "Dental Wrangler". That's right folks. I have the ONLY ONE.!!! So eat it.

Good job, Chris.

(my recaptcha: orchestra Sajiki)

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