IAD2 23: Cutting by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Another Illustration a Day and another Illustration Friday Submission. The theme of this one is "Multiple."

This is the best I've felt about an IAD in almost a week. I credit time for this victory.

Born in Adobe Illustrator CS3.


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I like the shading and the three-dee-edness of this one. It is very much like looking into the ribbony heart of a cloud and then coming back alive -- and yet changed.

Someday in the future, when everything is clean and diseases optional, supermarket grand-openings will look like this; mostly because of the robots, but also because people will finally have had enough. This is what I hope, anyway.

Time is beat. instruco

Whoa. Hm. Whoever Instruco is, I wish he would stop dropping his graffito all over my comments. As much as I appreciate artistic dissent.

Yanks 116.87
Recaptcha is like Jesus!

Time is beat, for sure, but that implies that it is currently beat (because of verb usage). Time was beat, and time will be beat, are two entirely different threads. Threads that was/will be cut by scissors, of course.

Recaptcha says..."was maximum".

"Was maximum" overdrive the best movie by Emilio Estevez? No, Angela Landsbury, it was Men at Work. And please, put the gun down.

whoa! nice piece!

Thanks for the compliment -- I'm really happy with this one.

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