IAD2 9: Choose by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

I'm back:

The ninth installment in this month's Illustration a Day and my first submission to Illustration Friday.

Forged in AI CS3.


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This is a one that is good, even. I only wish I could pull to a screeching stop at your door in an '84 Hurst/Olds, pop out with the drama and the what-not, and tell you so in that way I know you'd dig.

This one has perhaps your best 3-D texture action -- for a moment I thought you had accomplished the unthinkable, the oh-so desirable on the site: Touchable bitsies.

I am excited to just shy of sitting over a puddle that you are bringing the spatula back into the mix. It's a strange and volatile mix, but I think we can maybe even handle it a bit here.

The gang signs are a little disconcerting, but then, I guess I know how you do it.

Yes, I knew the reintroduction of Spatch would make more than a few people happy. Spatch is a bringer of joy, through and through.

love the depth and the colors!

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