IAD2 13: Life at Sea

By Chris Leavens

Illustration a Day gnaws into my head and poos another victory:

I almost collaged this one. I drew a couple quick sketches and contemplated using a mix of Illustrator, Photoshop, and pencil and paper, but I couldn't find my Dixon Ticonderoga, so I decided to go fully AI CS3 yet again. It's hard to trust a drawing that is birthed from the tip of a Sanford product of any caliber.

By the way, did you know Dixon Ticonderogas are no longer made in the good ol' USA? Mexico. Weird.


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They totally proved this wrong on Mythbusters.

This whole captcha thing is spitting out a steady stream of post-punk and no-wave band names. I think even some that are already taken.

This is it! This is maybe my new favourite. Maybe ... I'm still deciding; but this one is totally of the "good" variety. There's so much implied emotion from Norse Blackie, and the colours are fab. As is the delicate background.

Yes, but DTs still cost the same because of that move. Personally, I'd rather pay more and have them made here, but I imagine the pencil market does not brook pricey 12-packs of woodclinched scribble sticks well.

At any rate, I'm kind of a "Venus Velvet" man, myself.

Yeah, but the lead hasn't been any good since the 80's, and Venus Velvets haven't been made for 20 years. I have some from my grandmother's basement i've been using, but they're from WW2 (as the clamp for the eraser is plastic - saving metal for the war, you know). A good pencil makes a big difference: Chris, may I suggest the Staedtler "Mars Lumograph?' A sweet implement and made in Germany as well!

Perhaps this is why I live alone...

German pencils? Come on people, you know what they did...

As I have pencils from more than twenty years ago that I have not used-up, I haven't had to go out and expose myself to whatever the selections of Now are.

At any rate, I'm also kind of a "Narodni Podnik" man, myself.

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