IAD2 18: Theory by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Illustration a Day 2 continues with this, another Illustration Friday entry. The subject of this week's IF was theory. I decided to ignore the obvious takes on the idea of theory and go for a bit more abstract slant on the topic. It may come out a little more mythological than scientific, but I'm happy with the result. This one's definitely best appreciated in it's embiggened form (click to see the biggun'):

Created once again in Adobe Illustrator CS3.


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A triumph of form and theory! It could have come from the pages of a reputable children's book or an ad campaign for a light and refreshing European soft-drink.

There is a good sense of depth in this one as it clearly and cleanly tells us the tale of Dark Little Sven and his travels upon the proud head of Golden Edgar...

Chris, I'm impressed with the way you worked theory into a picture. Therefore, I find it that much more disheartening to inform you that they already know what causes the tremors in Parkinson's disease.

Yes, they have finally determined that Parkinson's is caused by Paul Shaffer.

I'm enjoying the embiggenedness of it all.

Wait a minute? Parkinson's disease and Paul Shaffer? I guess since this is a snap shot of Ed McMahon's smoking accessory, "Bongasaurus Rex" being washed by a Norse pigmy, those are acceptable topics to discuss here.


Via this puffing portal you have so firmly executed, I am now feeling momentarily tremendous.

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