Comments Turned off on Older Posts

By Chris Leavens

Much to my dismay, I've been forced to turn off comments on older posts. Anything within a half-year range is still active, but any posts older than that are now static. This doesn't mean old comments have been deleted. All of our insane ramblings are still present.

The reason? SPAM commenting has become a much more serious problem of late, with spammers sometimes dropping 1,000 or more comments within a 24 hour period. Most of these are caught by filters, but some of them, the random-letter strings that have been showing up lately, hit the front page and that's not good. Today, I even woke up to an angry message from a spammer. He was upset because I blocked his IP addresses (yes, more than one)!

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience brought upon legitimate users as a result of this decision. If the problem gets worse, I'm going to return to a registered-user-only system.


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& chk ths hot stokkxx ULSN is hot & rdy to A-SPLODE!

That is beat. I'd just go back and do the register thing and get it over with. Just have something eye-catching for those new people who wish to comment. Give them the rules and means to register and take it from there.

As for the angry spammer, that is just sad. Then again, I'd be pissed if I missed out on the 8 people his SPAM was blocked from.

That's the part that I can't figure out; why would you want to SPAM the hell out of a site that gets relatively little traffic? And on top of that, most (around 99%) of the spam is deleted before anyone can see it.

As for going back to mandatory registration, I think I'm going to hold off on that for a while. The older posts rarely get comments and if someone's really interested in contacting an author based on an old post, there's always the email address on the front page. Registration is and has been available to everyone for a long time and people seem to think it's inconvenient for whatever reason.

I may look into a CAPTCHA scheme of some sort -- you know, one of those things with the scrambled, contorted letters that you have to type in to verify that you're a human and not some spambot looking to ruin a site. Any arguments for or against such a setup?

Turd heads. That is all.

Only if the CAPTCHA uses double entendre-ish filth with a dash of celebrity, exclusively. Such as...

DANZA SLAP (I think that was used somewhere before)

Stavros is not for supporting register. Once, soldiers make Stavros and others (and Stavros wife) register in Uplev village. Papers were for make carry and even at all times! Extra bulk of requirement papers make joke of subtle curve of Stavros Levis jeans and rear shine.

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