IAD2 24: We Deliver by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Two victories in a row and it's my birthday. Who's happy? This guy.

If I can bring the rest of IAD home at this quality level, I'd be mighty pleased.

AI CS3, again and again...

...and again x22.


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Even the white mail looks evil. But sometimes, "Good Guys Wear Black". Just ask Chuck Norris.

And a happy birthday to you! Check the newspapers or movie listings, because I got you 2 Martin Lawrence movies out at just about the same time!

You so cra-zay!!!

This is also now one of the best. I like the harmony of colour and the mail actually looks like it is shooting offa my screen. Good use of Perspective and speedles. I especially like the post the mailbox is sitting on ... it makes me think of things both Victorian and Pacific Northwest, for some reason.

I like the potential for harm in this one!
It's like when I open the mailbox and it's full
of bills and adverts en español...

Today's Recapcha: little peerages
(potential Tori Amos album title, no?)

I'm reminded of the local Chinese restaurant that proudly unfurled its banner which read "WE'RE DELIVER!" I happened to be driving past when they were putting it up, but I refrained from saying anything at the time. I wish I'd gotten a picture, though, because the next time I stopped by they had removed the offending "'RE."

Oh, yes, and Happy Birthday!

Pink is for girls. Happy birthday.

Wargo: I made it for you.

Pink is for popped collars. Happy Birthday you sexy beast.

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