Illustration a Day 2: Give Me Five

By Chris Leavens

If you find time in your busy day, please make a quick list of your five favorite IAD2s and list them as a comment on this message. I'll start printing a few of them soon, so lists may be of use in order to judge popularity.

Any other comments regarding IAD2 are also welcome, but I will not answer any questions about underpants.


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Here are mine: Hungry again, Vaseland, Secrets, Life at Sea, Theory. Not necessarily in that order. You are like a latter-day Napoleon when it comes to making these pictures on your website.

3,11,13 and 16 for sure. I can't choose between 22 and 26, so there! As you can see, I go for more of the muted colors and darker themes, but I have enjoyed IAD2 more than the original. As I have said, you are a gifted artist, and the world would be a lesser place without these pieces. Your job is to make sure as many people as possible get to see them. And, of course, make more.

I'll agree! In a metaphorical sense, Chris does tend to be like a Napoleon: The delicate pastry layers; the luscious vanilla; the tantalizing dusting of powdered sugar. Mmmm...

Anywho, my six favourites are being:

The Scourge of Vaseland,
Hungry Again,
"We Deliver,"
and "The King and Soup."


Here are my top five:

5. The Heart
4. Hungry Again
3. "Spam Comment Update"
2. "Comments Turned Off on Older Posts"
1. We Deliver

I also liked, "Choose" and "Potato", even though the potato looked like a turd. Also "Menstraul Moon has Pull"...which I'm told that I'll "never see in my lifetime...."


Here goes:

1. The Scourge of Vaseland
2. Milk, Milk?
3. Hungry Again
4. A Big Sauce
5. Tie: Waking Up/We Deliver

I think...

"Gimmie 5" was my favorite song performed by the guys on "Sesame Street", especially the part where Luis spits his verse in Spanish.

"Gimmie 1, 2, 3, 4, but if you love me more, gimmie 5 (gimmie gimmie)..."

That was also the last recorded time where people slapped both hands, two palms up at about waist level, waiting for the other guy to rain down the coolness. This is technically "giving ten", but who cares?

Theory, Sauce, Deliver, Last Piece and Police.

Cut and paste, since I'd pretty much screw up actually putting a link in here.

In chronological order:

Number four.
Number eight.
Number ten.
Number sixteen.
Number twenty-five.

5. Running Frenchman
4. We Deliver
3. Hungry Again
2. One Last Piece
1. The Heart

Honorable mention: I'm Lightning.

1. Life at Sea
2. The Scourge of Vaseland
3. There Will Be Lateness
4. Theory
5. Disintegrating

In no order:
We Deliver
The Scourge of Vaseland
Hungry Again

For me it's:

One Last Piece
A Long Walk
The Heart

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