Older Posts: Comment-ability Restored

By Chris Leavens

In case you care to know, the CAPTCHA seems to be working quite well. Spam has dropped off to zero, the plugin deflecting the buttholes and butthole computers that do their bidding. As a result, I've turned the comments on again. There are still a few bugs to work out -- preview seems to have issues with the reCAPTCHA plugin and I'd like to code things in such a way that CAPTCHA is not necessary for those with Typekey logins. When I get a few free moments (most likely in March), I'll attack this and other issues.

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Great post! I like how you have all sorts of parts to it, including a beginning, middle, and end. Also quite nifty is your use of various "words" and stuff. Pretty swank, if you think about it -- and I did.

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