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In order to drive year-end holiday sales and seem important, every music critic on the face of the Earth releases a "best of" list in mid to late December. I'm not a music critic and, according to my Mom, I'm already important, so I'm delivering my Best Music of 2007 now, at the near-end of January 2008. A good deal of you know of my level of music appreciation and some of you have even requested knowledge of my favorites, so here it is, a gift from me to your ears:

(NOTE: I've included links to buy the albums via Amazon, which, if used, earn minor cash for Unloosen. Use this resource as you see fit.)

Official Unloosen Album of the Year:

Spiderman of the Rings by Dan Deacon

The only album I can wholeheartedly recommend to 90% or more of the Unloosen-consuming public also has what is known far and wide as the greatest album title of 2007. Dan Deacon's Spiderman of the Rings is a Casio-borne kaleidoscope of sound, a perfect union of fun and insanity which must be heard to be believed.

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