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The following is an edited version of two actual conversations I had with my nieces, Sarah, 3 years old, and Emily, 1 year old. I would leave the conversations unedited but I would have to include things like Sarah randomly screaming “BODYSLAM!” for no reason and a fifteen minute showdown between Sarah and Emily involving who can copy what noise the best. As for the showdown, Emily usually wins as she doesn’t play by the rules. The essence of the conversations are still very present in edited form. In case you are wondering, the car was a Dodge Neon.

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When I first met Kendall in college, it amused me to learn that he owned a funnel that doubled as an ordained minister. This was the funnel's secondary duty; it's primary: aid in supplying alcohol, specifically vodka, to college folk. Kendall reminisces about the long-gone days of one Reverend Vodka Funnel. (CL)
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