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In order to drive year-end holiday sales and seem important, every music critic on the face of the Earth releases a "best of" list in mid to late December. I'm not a music critic and, according to my Mom, I'm already important, so I'm delivering my Best Music of 2007 now, at the near-end of January 2008. A good deal of you know of my level of music appreciation and some of you have even requested knowledge of my favorites, so here it is, a gift from me to your ears:

(NOTE: I've included links to buy the albums via Amazon, which, if used, earn minor cash for Unloosen. Use this resource as you see fit.)

Official Unloosen Album of the Year:

Spiderman of the Rings by Dan Deacon

The only album I can wholeheartedly recommend to 90% or more of the Unloosen-consuming public also has what is known far and wide as the greatest album title of 2007. Dan Deacon's Spiderman of the Rings is a Casio-borne kaleidoscope of sound, a perfect union of fun and insanity which must be heard to be believed.

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From Wilkes Barre, PA, DHL delivers this photo:


Emmit tamed the heifer, and many a fine shed she did build. Then Emmit ate her.


I've been working up some more of my own material and I have some interesting news to post, but my newly acquired addiction to the Google Image Labeler has been distracting me for the past week or so. More new stuff to arrive shortly.

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Nearly eighteen years ago, I turned fourteen. As a birthday gift, Doctor Hot Lunch, a friend of mine since kindergarten, bestowed upon me the splendor that is Barbie Sticker Fun. Needless to say, the two of us defaced it post-haste. Ever wonder where or when my penchant for the absurd was born? Probably not, but here's proof that I've been a weirdo for a long time.

DISCLAIMER: some of this stuff could be considered offensive. It was all created in the spirit of mockery by fourteen-year-old boys. I hope you'll forgive us.

Click below to see the pages in all their glory.

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With the Twelfth Day of Christmas having just recently passed, I thought I would share with you a picture I took on Christmas Day. I was hanging out in the living room, looking for something to test my flash out on, when I found this arrangement in one corner. I hope it will be well received and that it thoroughly conveys my sincere wishes to all for a Happy New Year and a Merry Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

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Randy Quaid

I must credit this to a coworker of mine, whose initials are DH but might not want his name googleable to a strange humor/art website.

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Three faces will be found if the observer is diligent:

All trickery done in camera, no Photoshopping.

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