IAD2 17: The King & Soup by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

I do not enjoy eating green soup.

For the past two nights, I've been away from home. This has forced me to draw using my laptop. Can you remember me mentioning my feelings about green soup? I feel the same way about drawing using my laptop. It's just not made for IAD. I need my giant LCD.

This Illustration a Day created with the support of: Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite 3.


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That bowl seems pretty pissed about being used in that fashion. Guess it's not fond of green soup, either.

Great pic. I love the earlier ones too.

Good stuff. Green as a liquid food is pretty much nasty. Those lime flavored "Hugs", being the exception. Those are the little plastic jugs in the shape of barrels with the aluminum cap thing you peel off and drink for those who call them by other names. Gaspacho (however you spell it) may be okay, as is guacamole, but it isn't that smooth.

However, I'm enjoying the IAD's much more that you've been using different color schemes lately.

Nice. This looks like it could be a fine cartoon still from the '40s. Is your laptop from the '40s? If so, then it all fits. Do you have any swell Benny Goodman tracks in your iTunes?

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