IAD2 28: Hungry Again by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

A little bit of a texture experiment here. Mmm... choco-buildings:

Two menacing creature days in a row. Apologies for repetition of theme.

AI CS3 (as if I need to even mention it).

One more to go.


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Good sense of depth in this one -- I can almost feel the distance from the structures to the mountains. I like the palette here, too; more specifically, I like it what it does for me.

The monster, if that's what it truly is, deep in its heart, makes me think of a giant furry redneck.

Chocolate? I think that when Big Ornery Randy comes through the pass, there's gonna' be fudge. Fudge wrapped in underpants, if you know what I mean.

"In the dark times that that followed, the elders of Chocolate City would talk (perhaps somewhat excessively) of that terrible day when the lunch was cold, but the 'dessert' was hot..."

Veiled references to Parliament/Funkadelic and not-so-veiled references to furries. One does not excuse the other, ALEX.

This picture makes me rethink my previous conceptions about model train enthusiasts.

So that's what Hershey, Pennsylvania looks like...

Today's recapcha: Fontaine serious!
(Yahoo Serious' cousin, perhaps?)

I think this is the alternate ending to The Truman Show.

"So that's what Hershey, Pennsylvania looks like..."

You do realise what that makes the road then, right?

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