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Having grown tired of canned fruit, the King decided to sup upon something fresher (Illustration Friday, topic: canned).

For those who are keeping score, this is the 500th Unloosen post. Thanks for sticking around.

Acrylic on canvas.

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One fish monster is never enough. (Illustration Friday, topic: enough)


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In PA, Adriana and I visited DHL, who decided to dress conservatively for the occassion:

Adriana partook in the good Doctor's Drank (thanks, Ed) sipping ritual, effectively "slowing his roll:"

We watched and laughed as dr. SATAN, who lives a few houses down from DHL, mowed his lawn. Lunchbox of Blood showed us their instruments of terror, talked about playing them, and then fed us hamburgers. It was good.

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For my 25th birthday, I received a female mannequin torso. It was a group effort and the culprits included Wargo, Kendall, and Jack. This was back in the glory days when both Wargo and Kendall were still existing in LA. Seven years have past and I finally feel like I've done the mannequin some justice. Here she is (click on the little photos for the big ones):

Admittedly, my painting skills are a little rusty and it shows in my technique. There's more painting stuff planned for the near future, so a remedy called practice may cure my ills.

Acrylics on mannequin.

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Dutiful Steve, Dutiful Steve,

Dodge that Plymouth with a beautiful weave,

Rocket your chrome past the lush of Spring green,

All squat upon leather like a plump little bean.

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