By Chris Leavens

One fish monster is never enough. (Illustration Friday, topic: enough)



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And now what once flew through subtle air,
Is transformed to fly in murk and brine,
By dread Elder Being of terror bare,
Woeful herald of the end of time...

This is one of the most boldly imaginative pieces you've posted here and, once I came to terms with the softer, more pencil-like palette, I found it to be well-stocked with ideas both amusing and terrifying.

The basic idea of what appears to be a kind of Lovecraftian beast imbued with the transforming power of the sea its claws, masterfully made manifest by the depiction of tiny oceans of change literally being in those claws, is stunning.

The even more imposing giant, looking in from behind the mountains, fascinates us further: Is it a vision of one of the Great Thing's offspring, now come unto its own and looking back through the veil of remembrance upon its terrible origins? Or is it really there, as big and as menacing as it seems to be, perhaps suggesting that the foul tentacled horror from ages past is itself but an agent of change -- a spongy and gargantuan midwife for a new age of enduring horror, the likes of which even the most crazed and apocalyptic of seers and savants could not have dreamt?

The eye of the wave beast looks motherly in a way, while its body looks very plantlike. I'd imagine you could shoestring it into a nice summer salad, or use bigger slices in maybe a tempura.

On the other hand, the eyeless, soulless aqua-birds are terrifying.

This dystopian picture of the future you have painted should convince anybody that we cannot allow a nuclear-capable Monaco to ever, ever happen.

Wow beautiful illo, love the style and the use of colors!

Great illustration. Love the contrast of colors.

Wow, great illustration. Lots to love about this piece, but the colors are especially spectacular.

ok, chris, you have made me really sad for the birds. you'll have to rectify this in another illo by drawing the birds slaying the fish monster then eating bonbons off his head. there, i feel better now. :)

battle of the monsters! i wonder who will win. i love the way you made the monster look graceful despite its being menacing. poor birdies!

But the "birds" are the fish monsters! Sure, a variation on my normal bird form, but fish monsters nonetheless. They're actually meant to be in cahoots with the octo-turnip-tree thing.

In all seriousness, thanks for dropping by and commenting, everyone. I really appreciate it.

Great job! i love it! the colors are fantastic and so is your illustration style! :)

Gorgeous! This brings a big smile to my face.

The "birds" may be the fish monsters, but the "walrus" was Paul, they say.

I just love that you are not afraid to use pink, and you make it look so not girly...your colors are always so amazing and refreshing!!

this is most awesome, chris! truly!!

a : )

Okay...great color selection...nuclear/mucus green with a slight lime twist...and I really like the handling of the tentacles and skin...I'm about to jump into that mess here in about 10 minutes (trying to catch up on folk's stuff)on a piece I'm in the middle of...(hopefully I've learned from my last tentacle mess...)

Wow - awesome piece! Again, really dig your choice of colors.. Really like that the octopus looks like a mummy almost.. very nice :)

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