Dutiful Steve by alex kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

Dutiful Steve, Dutiful Steve,

Dodge that Plymouth with a beautiful weave,

Rocket your chrome past the lush of Spring green,

All squat upon leather like a plump little bean.


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As a single tear rolls down my cheek, I say "ride free my good man, ride free."

Thanks, yo. I haven't felt this pleased about an entry here in some time. I swear that dude radiated enough attitudinal gravity to bend lightwaves.



Dutiful Steve, Dutiful Steve,
Your dogs, they'd be licked,
If you hadn't purloined
Those chic Velcro kicks.


He's obviously on his way to go see Lunchbox of Blood at the state fair.


I like the big cycles bikes like these too. And picture is good. Really lucky for your big highway.

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