Seed Tax

By Chris Leavens

Having grown tired of canned fruit, the King decided to sup upon something fresher (Illustration Friday, topic: canned).

For those who are keeping score, this is the 500th Unloosen post. Thanks for sticking around.

Acrylic on canvas.


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Amazing work--acrylic on canvas? Wow!

This is really boss furking hogg, dude, bloss frappy horgg, yes. And I, I mean that with a suitable passion. Easy-over, with eggs and the lot. This is the right stuff for now, and thank God it is (now), 'cause I like this so much, anyhow. What a nice piece.

I can't believe you painted this in the allotted time, even, too. The technical execution is top of the shelves and bespeaks eons, not days. Colours and composition blend, and, in the end, this King and his slices are much like three-dee stage or film props. And you now get the mad props.

Very great.

The analog warmth is so intense I just about have to mop my brow. Well played, playa.

My new favorite. By the way, can anyone find watermelon with seeds anymore. All we get in Florida is seedless. Tastes like sand.

Also, snack bars to you for taking the time to go in and count all the posts here. That must have been out-wearing.

I love your illustration. The blackness in the background is great for the King to rip through the sky. Great style.

wow, really fantastic, congratulations work, keep on the good work!

I wish I could be in your brain for one day...Such beautiful work as always!

i'd like to live in a watermelon house!!

a : )

Seed tax huh...thanks for giving the government a new idea...great twist and play on the subject matter...

this has a wonderful fell of puppetry about it. slightly scary quirky puppetry, but still. Love it!

as imaginative as ever! i really love the worlds you create through your artwork. congratulations on the 500 posts! :-) looking forward to lots more

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