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A tall beast packed with all types of power. (Illustration Friday, topic: packed)


I'm pretty happy with this one.


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An Internet/illustration friend I met through Flickr, Goobeetsa, is collecting artist trading cards depicting scenes from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," so I decided to take a crack at it. This is chapter 5 of the story.

Quite an odd clique the characters in this story make, eh? (Illustration Friday, topic: clique)


Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS3


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The inside of his mouth was like an island, storms and all. (Illustration Friday, topic: island)


Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator.


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Just removing some of the clutter that builds up in my mind (Illustration Friday, topic: clutter). This one's probably best viewed in its larger form (click this one for that one).


This one took me a while. I'm VERY tired now.

100% vectors.


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