DHL Mania

By Chris Leavens

In PA, Adriana and I visited DHL, who decided to dress conservatively for the occassion:

Adriana partook in the good Doctor's Drank (thanks, Ed) sipping ritual, effectively "slowing his roll:"

We watched and laughed as dr. SATAN, who lives a few houses down from DHL, mowed his lawn. Lunchbox of Blood showed us their instruments of terror, talked about playing them, and then fed us hamburgers. It was good.


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So what you're saying, in a nutshell, is that C-Lev, Ade, and LoB are 'bout that 'Tuss?


Also: Phillies Phist defeats Bruin Claw in all iterations I know. Bucco Cutlass: not even in the same game.

These compositions are in may face. That one dude's face is in a giant bear head. This is all serious stuff, and it is all totally radical.

What I like most about these is how in the first one, the expression and overall mise en scene make it all seem like just another casual convo in the break room of a novelty appendage plant.

In other news: I now sorely wish the DHL had been able to bring the foam cutlass with him this past November, 'cause I suspect it would have been free truck burritos for all. And, when you consider one of the possible results of downing a truck burrito, it would have been especially funny to be able to call them booty.

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