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A tall beast packed with all types of power. (Illustration Friday, topic: packed)


I'm pretty happy with this one.


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An Internet/illustration friend I met through Flickr, Goobeetsa, is collecting artist trading cards depicting scenes from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," so I decided to take a crack at it. This is chapter 5 of the story.

Quite an odd clique the characters in this story make, eh? (Illustration Friday, topic: clique)


Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS3


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The last two times Imagekind featured me and/or my work, I was out of town and unable to spread the word. This time, I'm here and it's just about the best time to buy prints, especially if you've ever considered getting a framed piece of my art. They're currently running two specials; one gives you free ground shipping and the other takes 20% of custom framing. I believe the two offers can be combined, so if you're at all interested in purchasing any of my prints and have a little extra cash, now might be the time.

Looks pretty boss-hog in a living room:

My store:

To see my work on the main page (will disappear at the end of the day):

In other news, I met some folks at the art show last week who run an up-and-coming social network called My Modern Metropolis. They really liked my work and today posted a spotlight feature on my art. Go check it out!

Finally, I mentioned a little while back that my painting Seed Tax was going to be included in a publication. Here it is, in Design This Design That. Check page 9.

Thanks to everyone for being so helpful and supportive.

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The inside of his mouth was like an island, storms and all. (Illustration Friday, topic: island)


Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator.


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If anyone's interested, my art's being displayed tomorrow night at this show:


I realize it's pretty last-minute, but it was for me, too. Unfortunately, I have to recycle work from previous shows because I didn't have enough lead time to get the new stuff in there.

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Just removing some of the clutter that builds up in my mind (Illustration Friday, topic: clutter). This one's probably best viewed in its larger form (click this one for that one).


This one took me a while. I'm VERY tired now.

100% vectors.


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The Update of Unloosen is mostly done and I'm mostly tired. It's here, it's different, get used to it. Thoughts, comments, opinions, etc. are welcome. Please let me know about any bugs, issues, or inconsistencies. I've already noticed a few and should have them ironed out within a few days.

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COLUMBUS, OH--After waiting as long as possible for his "lazy, good-for-nothing" roommate to buy toilet paper, area resident Joseph Barber, 34, finally broke down and bought a 12-roll pack on Wednesday.

"I'm kind of miffed at Scott, to be perfectly honest," Barber said. "I bought toilet paper the last time we ran out, so it was clearly his turn to do so. We said we'd share the basic necessities 50/50, so I don't see why I'm the one who always has to buy them."

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I'm happy to report that the overhaul of Unloosen is nearly complete and should be debuting a little later this week (more than likely this weekend). Most changes shouldn't effect you or your enjoyment (or lack thereof) of the site, but if you're subscribed to an RSS feed of Unloosen using something like Google Reader, you'll need to make sure you're subscribed to the correct feed. Currently, there are three feeds available: RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0, and Atom. As of the update, the only feed that will be available is the Atom feed, so please change any necessary settings as soon as possible.

If anyone's interested in giving me feedback on the new site design, feel free to email me or comment on this post using your email so I can give you the test URL.

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