Site Upgrade Mostly Finished

By Chris Leavens

The Update of Unloosen is mostly done and I'm mostly tired. It's here, it's different, get used to it. Thoughts, comments, opinions, etc. are welcome. Please let me know about any bugs, issues, or inconsistencies. I've already noticed a few and should have them ironed out within a few days.


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I'm going to take a stab in the dark and guess that something's broken, because I don't believe you intend for the site to look like this:

When I think of "site upgrades," I think of back end things that no one will see. (Unlike your smokin' booty, that's a back end I'd like to see, AMIRITE?!) Not making your site look even more awesome. Nice job!

Craig: A simple refresh should fix that.

David: Thanks. My mind's still a little bent from all the time I put into getting things working.

Is this the Florida Marlins website?


Naw, dude, I'm just bustin your ass, dude! Bra, this site is sweet!! Sick, dude.

Ed, you laugh now, but don't be surprised come next April when the Marlins season opener introduces a giant, anthropomorphic, mustachioed apple who lasers unsuspecting fans with icy rainbows. I've got "connections." I am half Italian, after all.

Most people would probably think that icebows have buckets of diamonds at the end of them. Common misconception. Actually, at the end of every icebow is a hottub shaped like a giant martini glass. There has never been an icebow in Florida.* Ergo, your lie, Chris, is exposed. Again.


Chris: So it did. Place looks nice now that I can see it.

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