By Chris Leavens

Just removing some of the clutter that builds up in my mind (Illustration Friday, topic: clutter). This one's probably best viewed in its larger form (click this one for that one).


This one took me a while. I'm VERY tired now.

100% vectors.



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This one is like an argument for diversity and the advantages of urban life. It kind of reminds me of a Hare Krishna parade. Smooth, like apple butter on farmers' market bread.

very nice

i like

i always love your stuff

you have such a cool style

oh, i'm still loveing your incredible fantastic characters and colour choices! it's so special for clutter topic!

This one is festive and brilliant, maybe even wicked. Were it from a children's book, it would be from one of those snooty award winning ones -- you know, the kind that Sarah Palin-bashing elitists read to their children (the ones they didn't abort, anyway) after carting them home in a Volvo wagon from some pointless after-school "Great Books" discussion group.

Yes, this is so good, that a sensible small-town mayor might try to ban the book it would be in from the town library. She, er, "they" wouldn't say exactly why, and it would really be none of your business. You could, perhaps, ask; but that would mean yet more time taken away from maybe trying to actually love your country for once, you frigging socialist.

Wow...Alex really got in there on that REALLY adds some flavor to the drawing...

I really like the creepy critters crawling out of the street grate...and the slimy box...I'm going to say you should put a book of illustrations out...or at the least send me a couple of posters to hang on my wall so people will think I'm cool...which is why I need two...because there is a LOT to overcome...

I don't see anything political in your illustration, but I love it all the same. Your colors are always perfect, and your characters are awesome!

Alex: Thanks for the laugh. Maybe this mayor or governor "person," instead of banning the book, would purchase hundreds of thousands of copies (using tax money procured via earmarks, of course) and use them to construct a mighty bridge to anywhere, even, perhaps, a special place called "Nowhere."

Brian: Thanks so much! I very well may put together a monster compendium at some point, especially since there are so many self-publishing options out there these days. As for posters, prints are always available at my Imagekind store, although I don't know if they'll help you be a whole lot cooler. Creating them hasn't made me any cooler for certain, but then again, I've been pretty comfortable with my un-coolness for a long time now.

You should be tried! Wow! Just an awesome design and get vector work!!!! The colors are just hot!!! I really, really love looking at your work, It reminds me of Flora! Just Fabu!

100% amazing, again Chris! This one made me smile from ear to ear upon looking at the larger version. I can imagine a book with your images someday! Keep up the fantastical work man.

Aaaah, clean out your brain clutter, and we get to be the recipients of your wonderful surrealistic creations. Good to see some of the apple citizens taking a break from the brick laying. Yes, a monster book would be so cool!

Man, Chris-- you just keep raising the bar. Would love to see you do a monster book. So awesome.

Hey, thanks to everyone for continually stopping by to look and for leaving such genuine and positive comments. It REALLY means a lot to me. Eric, Bella, Steve, Vanessa, Katie, Brian, Alex, Krisztina, Damon, Ed. Thanks so much.

So much to look at!
I love the hairy rhino...
and the worried green apple...
and I have always had a special fondness for tentacles!

Great work as usual!

Yea!!! The Apple men and the Moose monsters converge (and meet a rhino along the way) -- I love this so much! Beautiful colors, great characters and composition and fascinating to spend time with. I hope you write a children's book to go with your wonderful drawings. The story would be so fun. :)

I noticed the spatula, by the way. Right on!

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