Another Group Show

By Chris Leavens

If anyone's interested, my art's being displayed tomorrow night at this show:


I realize it's pretty last-minute, but it was for me, too. Unfortunately, I have to recycle work from previous shows because I didn't have enough lead time to get the new stuff in there.


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Two things:
9/11. Never forget.


If you can get a photo of you drinking a Colt 45, Honest Tea, and whatever it's called Vodka, that'll be your Christmas card for forever and a day.

You have no idea how "hot" Tito's Vodka is out here right now. 100% honestly, people talk about this crap all the frickin' time. Really, all they're doing is regurgitating the little story on the label ("You know, it's hand-made and triple-distilled in Texas. Most other Vodkas are only distilled twice.") and if you poured them a shot of Tito's and a shot of some cheap-ass Vodka, they'd never, ever know the difference. People who buy into trends and marketing are chumps.

But I loves me some Oxyclean! Thanks, Billy Mays.

Sing it with me:

There's a tear in the eye
of the eagle in the sky

to far?

I'm flying in not for your show, but for the free colt. Seriously, they're handing out foedies? You may want to put a splash guard in front of your work before the LA art scene gets too drunk.

Congrats on another show!


Billy Mays!... He's my hero I introduced to you over Christmas.


P.S. I wish I can make it out to your show, but as you know it's 3,000 miles away, so... That's that.

I am The Voice of Billy Mays.

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