Making a Scene

By Chris Leavens

The inside of his mouth was like an island, storms and all. (Illustration Friday, topic: island)


Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator.



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Chris, you couldn't disappoint! it's simply fantastic!

Your illustrations are always a breath of fresh air, and your colors are my FAVORITE...I'm such a fan!


I likes how you bring it on home in this one. Many of the best characters and many of the best themes. Did you even know that there was buildings in there for toofs? I bet you did, cuz you went and made it and shizzle. And I am/are/is so glad you did this time because this one is having lovely colours and the way you create a harm-o-nizing triangle of two blew burds and a water pouring thing (like old ladeez use) is beyond the scope of normal kewlness.

I love it. I don't care if when you did it all up like this, if you was nood or rood, cuz you are tha DOOD.

I had such fun staring at this one. Lots of old friends and some new (to me, anyway), and it thrills me that they're all working together on a funny project. Mountain Monster holding up mountains CRACKED me up!

Hey Chris!

Your imagination is just crazy! I love love love your work!!
Little arms where dragon teeth should be? Wow!

And hey! I just signed on with an artist rep from Glendale, California named Garrett Hicks. (I know, I know... you're from California... do you know Bob?) Just curious if you knew him.

Thanks for your super kind comment!


Holy cow! This is so awesome, man.

I've grown rather fond of that Mountain Monster fellow.

Oh man, almost missed this twisted beauty here! These are some of the best color schemes I've seen from you Chris - you just keep on getting better!

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