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The last two times Imagekind featured me and/or my work, I was out of town and unable to spread the word. This time, I'm here and it's just about the best time to buy prints, especially if you've ever considered getting a framed piece of my art. They're currently running two specials; one gives you free ground shipping and the other takes 20% of custom framing. I believe the two offers can be combined, so if you're at all interested in purchasing any of my prints and have a little extra cash, now might be the time.

Looks pretty boss-hog in a living room:

My store:

To see my work on the main page (will disappear at the end of the day):

In other news, I met some folks at the art show last week who run an up-and-coming social network called My Modern Metropolis. They really liked my work and today posted a spotlight feature on my art. Go check it out!

Finally, I mentioned a little while back that my painting Seed Tax was going to be included in a publication. Here it is, in Design This Design That. Check page 9.

Thanks to everyone for being so helpful and supportive.


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Well I for one think this is just dandy. You go, mister! Publications are pretty neat; I wish "Omni" was still around as I'd LOVE to see your work featured there. Those pages sure were *glossy!*

Yeah, I'd definitely like to aquire something by you Chris. Hey, btw, I'd also like to do an "Artist Spotlight" Q & A with you at my blog in January, if you're interested. I'm "booked" until the end of the year currently.

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