Interview with Chris & More

By Chris Leavens

A few weeks back, a web/print publication called Oranges & Sardines contacted me requesting an interview. Here it is in all its glory.

In other Chris-art related news, it looks as if my painting, Seed Tax, will be appearing in a separate publication and another possible solo show is also on the horizon. More details when they arrive.

In site news, I've begun some under-the-hood tinkering, but you more than likely won't see any of the results for about a week or so. Apologies for any bugs or inconsistencies in the meantime.


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Internet famous.

Nice job...stud.

I always knew you were part automaton!

Leavensian in tone tinted with a Leavens-esque quality that I find refreshing.

The only question I have is - can I have your autograph?

What is your preferred medium?

I love that show.

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