Lights Out

By Chris Leavens

Some try to keep memories alive while others seek rest. (Illustration Friday, topic: memories)


If the dark tones in this one blend to much together, please let me know. My LCD, although very good, sometimes shows more separation in darker tones than CRTs and prints.

Speaking of memories, while working on this I was listening to a great new album called "Sahara Swing" by Karl Hector and the Malcouns. It's basically a bunch of Germans playing Afrobeat (think Krautrock meets Fela Kuti). Made me think of one of my favorite bands, Can. So I listened to Can's "Soon Over Babaluma." It was good.


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This is so scary and dark and beautiful! I like it a lot.
The dark tones look good on my screen too.

oh, i always love your style, characters and colours! excellent!

Great illustration here. I love your colors very nicely done.

This be a very good one; I really dig the almost "Goth-Christmassy" palette. It does, indeed, remind me of those long ago and sorrowful days when the lairds and yeomen of Apple Valley tried desperately to secure the last of their genesis trees, even as plump Bumbleheever groggily prepared to make true on his threat to pull the Great Moon Cord, plunging the land into a darkness that would linger and fester in the hearts of the fair folk of that land amidst even the radiant shine of the Noon Day Sun.

What a deeply moving commentary on our times you have gifted us with here.

Everything is working great! I love the style!


This is just amazing. Been loving your recent analog artwork as well.

This looks excellent on my screen Chris, and I love the idea behind it. As for the music, sound like good stuff! "Can" has always been on my list for a while now. I just never got around to picking up anything by them yet, as with many bands.

The IF topic kind of gives this piece some substantial emotional heft.

Beautiful!!! I love the colors and the almost, but not quite monochromatic color scheme. It feels whimsical, yet poignant. I love it :)

i love your stuff

I'm so happy ever time you have a new drawing to post

you have such a cool style

Chris, you are just amazing! The more I look at this one, the more I see. I hope they secure that tree before it gets devoured. You have scary-good imagination, my friend. I think I have to acquire one of your prints. But I'm having a hard time picking a favorite!

Another one of my favorites. When I was a kid, my parents had a Christmas tree that they decorated with red apples and green lights. A little creepy, but oddly beautiful. I know it seems like a stretch, but this piece instantly brought me back.

I love the style of this one. and the subject is fascinating--just made me want to stare at it and catch the little details. cool!

Great illustration :)

The lighting effect on this is spectacular...definitely a work for me to 'study'...

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