By Chris Leavens

My parents were in town, so my normal routine was interrupted, hence the delay. (Illustration Friday, topic: routine)


Acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20"


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Wild. I like the duck!
(depressing recaptcha fortune: wasted life)

I have that shirt. Got it at City Blue.

Coooooool! That's quite thing he's wearing there. A slimming pattern, no? It's nice that he can mask his emotions, though I'm not so sure about that hysterical duck in the foreground. I really enjoy your work!

Nice use of colour here. This has a really "finished" feel to it that makes me think of some stuff I have seen at places where they charge you for admission. Of course, I admitted nothing, but still...

Oh! How I love mysterious duck! And the depth and apparent squeezability of Smiley Bean!

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