Self Portrait with Chair by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Three faces will be found if the observer is diligent:

All trickery done in camera, no Photoshopping.


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That's very spooky looking. It reminds me of the British television show Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. It was a spoof on 80's television and horror like Stephen King would write (especially the crappy stuff produced for TV or movies.

This appeals to me aesthetically, yet scares the bejesus out of me at the same time. Well done.

What's scary about this is that I know the truth which renders this image false:

You keep too busy to be a lazy boy.

Chris, you have an ugly version of your own head growing out of your left eye.

Autobiographical aside: Left Eye and Your Own Head were the two members of TLC that I had a crush on.

Careful, Chris, or that head growing out of your left eye with burn your apartment down if given the chance to set fire to your sweet pair of Kangaroos.

Also, I fell asleep on a couch once that had a corduroy fabric and had those lines imprinted on my face whan I woke up and went to class in college. So I guess this is what happens when you crash on a chair like that one.


Part Jarrel, Part Jambi the Genie....but ALL cool. Is "Amish Nick" hiding in the picture as well?

My Kangaroos... Left Eye... the memories of my hip-hopping days -- days I left behind -- are all coming back to me. As some of you may remember, one too many people asked me to "warm it up" and I cracked. I brandished my Hammer pants and readied to flail that poor fellow. He cowered, began to whimper, and then murmured, "but that's what you were born to do."

I know how it is... You try to pack it up, pack it in and they keep trying to make you unpack it down, unpack it out...

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