The Three Rs of Days of Thunder

By Ed Darrin

Randy Quaid

I must credit this to a coworker of mine, whose initials are DH but might not want his name googleable to a strange humor/art website.


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I'm pretty sure there's a fourth R -- running -- because, as I've postulated before, Tom Cruise is contractually obligated to sprint in all of his movies. I'd watch it again to back up my claim, but that part when Goose dies always gets me.

Don't forget the other third "R" -- "rotation." To skip this important step in the care and use of a contest-model of car is to court disaster, either on the track or off. Or even near.

Chris, I'm talking about Days of Thunder, not The Firm.

"Chris, I'm talking about Days of Thunder, not The Firm."

Sorry, sometimes it's easy to forget Tom Cruise's exercise video days.

The Firm? I KNEW he did gay porn!

You mean his exercise videos; don't forget his groundbreaking sweat-maker All The Right Moves.

Weaver, the name of his character in that movie was Mitch McDeere; the rest is up for interpretation.


What about Rovert Duvall? He was in Days of Thunder...

Or, "Rubbing is Racing" ?

Cole Trickle.

You guys seem to be missing the point. These are the three Rs of Days of Thunder. Other Rs may exist, but these are the three.

You may be right, Ed... I recently picked up a used Laserdisc of a movie-film called Rounders that has two Rs in its name alone.

From what you've said, these probably are different Rs than the ones from Days of Thunder, a talkie-flick that blithely squanders an R right there in its title.

Still, you have given us much food for thought; in fact, I have done some real thinking on the subject (as well as one or more other ones), and have come to the conclusion that there may even be an R somewhere in the cinema-show Aliens, the one by that Scottish director.

And yes: but not one of your "three."

Also: w00t!!

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