Quality Amish Sheds by DHL

By Doctor Hot Lunch

From Wilkes Barre, PA, DHL delivers this photo:


Emmit tamed the heifer, and many a fine shed she did build. Then Emmit ate her.


I've been working up some more of my own material and I have some interesting news to post, but my newly acquired addiction to the Google Image Labeler has been distracting me for the past week or so. More new stuff to arrive shortly.


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Saying Quality Amish Sheds is a bit redundant. Quality and Amish are pretty much the same word.

Not the best banner that they could have printed, but not horrible. My idea of calling the sheds, "David Koresh Starter Kits" was shot down 4-1.

A four chamber stomach and the poor beast STILL couldn't digest that sign before it came out? That's one tough piece of banner advertising.

Irregardless, thank you, DHL, for submitting this very useful post. I have long been storing my Amish in divers bins, baskets, and tubs, so it's good to know that I can now get a nice shed to keep them in while we watch the clock run down...

Brilliant! You Yanks sure have leveraged your SuperPower status into the creation of some awfully large cattle!! Our cows may be mad, but yours are huge!!!

(Of course, since you lot don't push your elected officials for broader inspections, you may not realise that many of your cows are huge and mad...)


Nigel -

If it is one thing we do here, it is huge. If it is two things we do here, it is huge and made of high fructose corn syrup.

Up Cornwall!


And if there is/are three things we do here, they are the two you mentioned plus professional sports. Damn, man, some of we'uns gets paid to make tha plays (and/or playz, I suspect).

And those who make playz are often known as playas, which means "beaches" in Spanish. Some inferior playas are often referred to as "bitches," which, when pronounced in English using a Spanish accent or Spanish vowel sounds, is startlingly similar to "beaches."

Bette Midler! Barbara Hershey! Blossom! Whoa!

What a punch in the nuts that stroll down mammary lane was. Good thing Rambo comes out manana to drench us in el testosterone. I think he's still pissed that Co, the only piece of ass without dysentery in that jungle from Part II, got sniped. He took out his anger (i.e., blue balls) on the Russians in Part III, and is still on the rampage. USA! USA! USA!!!

What a macho and patriotic post that was at the tail end of a sleep-deprived and strenuous week.

As sure as I am that Rambo will be a much-needed dose of machismo, I'm fairly certain they changed the audience chant for this one from "USA! USA! USA!" to "HGH! HGH! HGH!"

Yeah, Chris, but it's not pronounced "aytch-gee-aytch" -- it's pronounced "hhG! hhG! hhG!" HhG! being the closest some of the tougher fellas in our midst can come to saying "hug," as in: "Hug me, honey, the new Rambo's coming out!"

Every right thinking guy in this country with the time and the wherewithal to dig him a picture-show tomorrow will be saying that.

Yet, truly, there will be some amongst the dudely throngs who will not have a single problem asking, in clear and distinct tones, for a hug... They will be going right on the list.


That cow looks friendly to me. He strikes me more as the "P.S., I Love You" type...

That being said, this weekend I think I might pound a few (chicks or beers, this is America, who cares?) and go see Rambo destroy Burma. Sounds fun. Sounds healthy.

Becasue after all, I have all NEXT weekend to spend on professional sports. And if Tom Brady can't cover the 14 point spread next Sunday, I hope that Gisele chick gives him a very immuno-compromising STD...


Brady, Gisele, spread, disease.....too easy.

"...I hope that Gisele chick gives him a very immuno-compromising STD..."

LTD, man, it's "LTD." I think what you meant was that you hope she gives him a 1983 Ford LTD, a car that would be so depressing to be in or around, that it would compromise his immune system, rendering him vulnerable to the sniffles right before the "big game."

If it were an '84 or '85 LX, then he might have a fighting chance, but I think you're talking about an '83 base-model here...

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