He Knows When You Are Sleeping by Alex Kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

With the Twelfth Day of Christmas having just recently passed, I thought I would share with you a picture I took on Christmas Day. I was hanging out in the living room, looking for something to test my flash out on, when I found this arrangement in one corner. I hope it will be well received and that it thoroughly conveys my sincere wishes to all for a Happy New Year and a Merry Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


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Should all holidays alternate between Happy and Merry throughout the year? And if so, would that be a tradition, a convention, or a dogma?

I'm glad to see Lou Reed's finally celebrating Christmas.

Did Lou paint his lungs pink? Because there's no way they're really that color.


At last year's Convention on Tradition, the steering committee voted 9-2 in favour of the current system. "Holly-Jolly," though, was right out.

As for "dogma" -- I'm not sure what you mean. Is that one of those fancy veterinary words?

I didn't have time to mention it earlier, but I admire this portrait of Santa-type Lou Reed for its use of color and foam darts. They sort of point at his Future Shock glasses in a way Rachel never could.

Darts? What darts? Those orange things are "attitude."

I really think that Christmas was celebrating Lou Reed, and not the other way around. At first, Christmas thought it was a good idea, but with all things related to Lou Reed, partial dermal melting and erotic asphyxiation occur. Christmas is such a kinky masochist, like I've been preaching all along. Same thing happened to Micheal Hutchence, I believe.

Weaver: are you then saying that XMAS happened to INXS? The latter being pronounced as it is supposed to be, "ink-sys," of course.

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