IAD 21: Open Redux by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

IAD 11, Open, was a quick sketch finished within a few minutes. I liked the idea and wanted to give it the full Adobe Illustrator treatment:

Although I'm pleased with the results from an artistic standpoint, I can't say it's one of my favorites. But I'm sure, just like the one with the pipes, a bunch of people will like it.


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I had to do a "double-takes" because I thought it was a real photograph for a second!

The overhead power lines and the "plugging cable" leading into (or ... out of..?) the "open" sign are clever touches.

I wonder if this would even be a restaurant or like a store..? Both could be pretty crazy to go into, but I guess one or so could be really cool. I mean, who would do up a place with this kinds of things?

CRAZY people or young executives, I bet.

I like it!!

Nice interpretation of Ladakhi masks. I have been to Ladakh and the mask festival is fascinating.

This image is actually based on Hanuman, the heroic monkey character from the Ramakien (which, in turn, is based on the Hindu Ramayana epic). I checked out some Ladakhi mask images and I definitely see similarities. Do both cultures draw from the same or similar sources?

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