IAD 20: The Tricycle Thief by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Here's another Illustration a Day entry. Only eleven to go.

I guess it's no secret that I'm a big fan of modernist illustration, specifically cartoon-type illustration. I try not to be too derivative, but I realize that I probably come pretty close to betraying my influences sometimes.

Medium: AI CS3


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While this might be, as you imply, suggestive of a certain animation aesthetic, it is still pretty groovy. I'm pretty fond of otherwise scary monsters being in a position of sheepishness.

Something about this suggests that it isn't a malicious theft; like it's something that happens often, in fact, and yet leaves no unbridgeable chasms of fear or hate between the scene's participants...

Knowing full well what the noise was, Mrs. Lebensraum took her time getting up from her reading chair and didn't so much fling open as deliberately push open the window.

Her arms akimbo, her delicious flip haircut gleaming in the light of the waxing moon, she merely gazed a bit at what was a familiar sight. Looking, where a newcomer to The Region might have gawked: Seamus, that most adored of Baron Karnak's laboratory "busy work," as he often tried to dispassionately dismiss "it" (perhaps unaware that he could never hide that little smile of paternal pride), had struck again.

Mrs. Lebensraum -- Greta to those she had left behind -- watched a while as the soft blue beast rode off into the night upon the shiny red tricycle. That she would have to install yet another garage door meant little to her. Her only thoughts were about whether or not Seamus ever wondered why the tricycle was sized just right for him, or why there was always a plate of cookies and a glass of milk next to it every time he broke into the garage.

While this might be, as you imply, suggestive of a certain animation aesthetic, it is still pretty groovy.

I didn't mean to imply that I wasn't happy with this one; actually this is one of my favorite things to spring from my brain this month.

I dig this one. Just wanted to mention that.

Also, I'm going to highlight Unloosen's Illustration a Day series on my webcomic this week.

Thanks, Craig. And for those of you who haven't visited Craig's site yet go there!

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