IAD 11: Open by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

When I was in Thailand a few years ago, I ran across a mural detailing the Ramakien, a mythology imported from India. Part of the mural depicts a scene in which one of the heroic characters (Hanuman, I think) expands his own head until it is the size of a building. He does this to disguise himself. People walk into his mouth and they don't realize it's alive. This idea has become a minor obsession of mine over the years. I started drawing a stream-of-consciousness piece and it crept in (or out, or whatever) again:


Medium: Pencil (Dixon Ticonderoga!) and Paper

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I wanted to make some snarky comment tying this in with nouvelle cuisine, but then I realised I was in way over my head.

Still, if the food was good enough and the prices fair, I would totally eat in that giant mouth.

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