IAD 22: Waxing Pyrocidal by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

Titles are a bit of an afterthought, if it wasn't obvious already.

This one took a lot longer than I intended.

Medium: AI CS3


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Nice expression on the candle's face; nice impression of movement with the pipey-guy. The water is also done in a way that is totally nice. There's also a real sense of tension almost bordering on sheer terror here.

*&#k%?! nice.

A walking kitchen sink with running water is a sentient candle's worst nightmare.

Does the state of being lit give life to the candle? Because if it brings life and sentience but also results in the slow melting of one's own head, then that's a swell allegory for the current wildfire crisis. Or life.

For some reason, which may be totally off, I see either conflict or anger in almost every piece of art you have posted. Candle/water, nerd/dragons, bike thief/window person, water/cracked earth, hands fighting a box, rocket/gravity, etc. Are you pissed? Or are you so psyched and pumped that there is a new Rambo movie in the near future that you need to let some cartoony machismo spew forth? Either way...

You get to drink from the FIRE HOSE!!!

"...I see either conflict or anger in almost every piece of art you have posted."

More conflict than anger. More specifically, it's tension. I just think things are more interesting when tension is introduced.

Actually, who am I fooling. RAMBO has me so pumped that I've become nothing more than living, breathing hormone, a bayonet crafted out of bone and muscle.

I guess peril would be more appropriate than anger, but one infused with "Rambo Fever" or more commonly, "The Rambo Sweats", can't help but be angry at something. Burma, Communists and Liberals are causes and targets of these maladies.

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