By Chris Leavens


First I went on vacation. Then the largest wildfire in the history of Los Angeles came within 2,000 feet of our house. After the fire cleared up, I got violently ill! Finally, finally, things normalized and today I had time to finish this piece. Hope you enjoy it! Detail images after the jump.

Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS4



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Dude, I think some of your neighbors HASH went UP IN SMOKE and drifted your way. There is upside down stuff in that picture.
Just drink lots of water and try to flush it out of your system.....
This does not denote a drug dependency issue...INTERVENTIONS are not required!!!

Enormously relieved to hear that you and your family are safe. Evidently, the violent illness has not diminished your random and surreal creativity. Fantastic, LOVE the gravity defying bunnies.

Unbelievable. Really awesome piece... love the rabbit thingies. Glad you and your family are safe from the fires.

This and the other new ones display a bold direction in colour for you that I really am like for right now and even longer, perhaps, yes. It's the So Good in the "So Good."

sweet jeezus on a stick! this is amazing stuff! I'm so glad I stumbled across your work on flickr. I taught msyelf illustrator a year ago but it's going to be a while till i can even come CLOSE to what you've accomplished over here. really awesome stuff. I'll keep stop back for more. =)

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