This Guy Sort of Likes Sunoco

By dR. sATAN


Found in an east-central PA parking lot.

photo credit: drinkmoremoxie (a minion of dR. s)


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I'm guessing this vehicle gets the full rebate under cash for know, because it loves gas.

Adhesion data show clearly that the stickers lower vehicular drag by a factor of no less than x. It's called Statistical Conquest With Number Faction Theory, and it's really very scientific and sexy. No one here can fully understand it and anyone who says they can is a liar and will be deftly and delicately called so by my elected representatives.

Furthermore, the owner/operator of the vehicle which you CONVENIENTLY FORGOT to mention is a decent-enough example of a latter K-Car type, is probably trafficking in one to seven different and abidingly spectacular kinds of Awesome.

Why didn't you mention this? Did your friends on the Death Panels tell you not to? Were you too busy covering up how and why you brought the towers down? Are you still thwarted by your anger over there being FM *and* AM stereo, but, strangely, no cassette?

You're flipping lucky this is completely Top Shelf, or I would be under some kind of transient obligation to report you to a loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires and ninjas and retired school teachers. As it is, I will simply buy me some soft serve in your honour.

That is my cousin pauls car.
There is stickers in the car to but he took them off and re did them.

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