Meet the Natives

By Chris Leavens


Here's a piece I finished recently for the magazine Belio. Enjoy!

Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS4



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Hi, this work looks awesome like always!
Thanks to share it.

I like how the heads are divided into 2 parts.
I often dream of removing mRS. sATAN's mouth but think that should I do that all I would end up getting is a few moments of silence and a large cellmate named Bubba.

I also find the FIREBALL interesting.
Burning flesh smells of cheese puffs and that can not be a bad thing.

Really like the color on this and how it pops from the background. I tried to leave comments the past few weeks but some weird registration deal kept popping up! Hope your wife and little one are doing well!

I've missed your artworks, Chris! They are amazing, as always! You are a master at this!

Sorry it's been so long since I stopped by... loving your recent posts :)


Unga Bunga, dude! Whoa, the two headed bird is cool. Looks like bunny ears. This is so fantastic. But of course.

I like this more and more as time goes by. Good colour and stuff. Did you know that when the Space People stop ****ing hiding out and actually start to contribute to society, that it will look somewhat, or even a teensy-tad-bit like this for at least one precise moment? If you don't agree with the fundamental truth of this, I will pound you with A Jello.

Great looking characters

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