Mystical Bits

By Chris Leavens

The intricacies of organizing an impromptu concert evaporate in the hands of mystical cyclopes. (Illustration Friday, topic: intricate)


I guess by this point, my love for the color orange is no secret. I've loved it ever since I can remember being able to like anything. Weird. Close-up detail images after the jump.

Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS4






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I'm going through an orange phase myself these days, not just in my work (which I always try to put a little orange in), but in life too. Everything I buy seems to be orange.

Awesome piece. All the little critters are great, especially the band. The drummer reminds me of animal a little. Who was also orange. Great colors, and the water is fantastic.

The orange results perfectely in this illustration. Love the contrast with the blue little house. And the strips on the main character!

Amazing stuff Chris!! The little close-ups alone make great little works in themselves. What a fascinating concept too.

Well, the color orange could not have fallen into more capable hands! Wonderful work as always and I love the facial expression on the little fella beating the drum.

The orange grabs me....
Is it odd that I enjoy being molested by citrus fruit?????

Ooooh I love the color orange too, and the contrast with the blue is wonderful.
Great detail as always... what a colorful concert that would be!!!

really lovely band :) i always so wonder how you create something new in your owner style. it's fantastic again!

This guy is the ultimate roadie. Really beautiful piece and a masterful layout. Perfect colors.

WOW this is fantastic I love it! such a fun piece- beautiful style u have, x kas

Through the studio wizardry of Poseidon's cousin, Soupy Tangerino, the house band, Three-Peep Stix and the Cardinal Sinners, was able to put out a debut LP of reasonable polish and above-average sales. In a depressed industry, even pretty good news was Good News and they were signed to a shiny new twenty-album contract. A few of those later records would even be terrific. They would nearly all help beleaguered studio execs afford brand new sporty-type cars every major holiday season.

I really like the bunnies in the boat, by the way.

For some reason I'm drawn to the bunnies :)

But I love the whole piece... orange is a great color!

Wouldn't it be great if we lived in an orange world? How cool would that be! Absolutely groovy, Chris. I love the textures in the fur. And the bunnies! Yes, the bunnies.

Ooooh very nice! I love orange too!

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