By Chris Leavens

A broken, breezy world under repair (Illustration Friday, topic: breezy).


I put a lot of time into this one and I feel pretty good about it. Hope all the work shows.

Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS4


Detail images after the jump.





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The work definitely shows! There is such amazing detail, I'm glad you posted the close-ups. I could stare at this all day.

Oh man, could we all use one of those now Chris on our planet. I can interpret this as a metaphor for what we need to do immediately. Anyhow, the hard work is indeed evident, yet you somehow make it all seem so simple. Awesome job - this might be my favorite by you!

Absolutely amazing! All that detail... And the colours you use result perfectely!

wow very cool
i like

What great work you've done! it shows!

Wow, another great job! I really love your designs and the atmosphere that you create in your illustrations.
Also, thank you for posting those close ups, it's great to be able to see your work in more detail like that.

Wow! Very cool image!

Boy, your hard work is showing big time! This is incredible. Love the layers and depth and the detail you've put into the cat monster's fur. The tree in the belly is awesome. It looks suspiciously like a tongue, which is very cool. This, I hope, is what happens every time Mountain Monster stomps through town. Definitely one of my favorites.

You really are a master at creating worlds. I love the interaction of the cat thing and the flower... the sparks in its eyes are such a nice touch.

This is brilliant.

wow...there's always so much to look at...and enjoy in your work!

There's what appears to be a whole creation myth (or two) in this one, it's so detailed and full of wonder. The tones are even more harmonious than usual. The bar has really been raised much higher here. I especially dig me the gently floating mustache pot.

sooooo great!!!! i love your style!!!1

I'm in awe of the little details you put in... fabulous piece as usual!

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